Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors,

I hope you’re all well, please say hello to all of your children from me.

I’ve included a link below to the new government guidance we’ve been given regarding re opening the school for our Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 children from June 1st. As you’ll see, it’s given us many tasks to organise to prepare for us to reopen safely. The actual opening is still based on certain conditions being met which we won’t know about definitely until nearer the time. Before then, please do contact us with your questions and we’ll endeavour to answer them.

We will be using the coming weeks to set up a clear plan for running the school with the three year groups. Please have a read of the guidance as you’ll see that we won’t be able to open school as we did previously. It will look very different at the start which will take careful managing and support. We will also have to review home learning for these year groups as we may have two different systems running alongside each other which could be difficult to organise.

The children’s well-being is always at the centre of our thinking so we will be in touch with plans as soon as we can. This way you’ll be able to prepare them from home before they join us again.
Nearer the time, if you decide to keep your children home from school after June 1st, you won’t be marked as unauthorised. We absolutely respect your choice as parents and will work with you to provide the safest experience for your children.

Miss Wilson will be in touch with families of children with Education, Health and Care plans shortly to discuss your children’s next steps. If you’re a key worker family with children in any year groups and would like your children to attend to support you being able to work, as before, do let us know.

We will be in contact as soon as we have our planning for the school in place. Until then if you have any questions, please contact us using
Finally, should we be opening from the start of June, just a reminder that June 1st is an INSET day so school would start from the 2nd.

Kind regards,

Mrs Winn

Colgate Primary School

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