Welcome to Maple Class
Summer Term 2024

The Land Before Time!
Who stomps, chomps and roars?

We will be sharing stories with themes about our school value of 'caring.'  These texts will support discussions about how to be a good friend and how we can all support each other.   
Our themed learning will be history and geography led. We will be asking questions about the past to help us  collect information about a range of dinosaurs. We will be learning about Mary Anning who was a famous fossil hunter. She lived in Lyme Regis and as geographers the children will learn about natural and man-made features of this place.
In science we will learning about plants and what they need to grow and stay healthy. We wonder what plants may have been around at the time of the dinosaurs?
Above you will find a link to a PowerPoint explaining how we learn in Maple Class as well as our learning journey plans for further information which are situated below. 
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Mrs Forrest,  Mrs Burton and Mrs Hilder